Vegetable Grill Basket - Grilling Basket for Vegetable Fish Meat and Shrimp - Suitable for All Grills BBQ & Smokers - Stainless Steel

Vegetable Grill Basket

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  • TIRED OF LOSING SMALLER FOOD IN YOUR BBQ? – Small foods such as shrimp, diced meat, veggies and chicken wings have nowhere to run! This Grilling Basket is designed with thin slits – rather than larger holes – so only the smoke & heat come in, and nothing is lost to the grill.
  • EVEN COOK EVERY TIME WITH MINIMAL EFFORT – Impress your friends by using the vegetable grill basket to get that smokey goodness into your sides. Why not use as a Wok pan to stir fry chopped chicken, beef, pork and shrimp. Nothing beats great smoky BBQ flavor and its as simple as turning once turning twice!
  • MORE TIME TO MULTITASK, SOCIALIZE AND COOK – Say goodbye to sticky grills as well as endless running from your backyard to kitchen. No more wasted vegetables, no more burnt meat and no more tears as your precious buffalo wings and scallops get cremated on the fire beneath! Own your yard, be the envy of all who visit, trust that your Mountain Grillers Grill Basket will not let you down!
  • HIGH QUALITY DESIGN FOR PRECISION GRILLIN – Transporting food from grill to prep table has never been easier with our built in curved handles. Constructed from a high-quality 430 grade stainless steel that retains heat, so your sides will stay hot right up until serving. Easily washable as well so you can get back to the party quick!
  • EASY CLEAN UP & DISHWASHER SAFE – Simply toss the veggie grill pan in the dishwasher when you are done or quickly clean by hand with mild soap & water, nice & easy! Quick tip to stop any potential stickiness to the basket, give your grill pan a drizzle of oil before you cook, it will make a world of difference to the flavor and your product maintenance!

5 reviews for Vegetable Grill Basket

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    So glad we decided to buy this grilling basket, perfect veggies grilled every time! We had been over a friend’s house and they had one and the veggies were great, now we can make our own. I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the basket. We grilled enough veggies for 2 meals! They still had a little crunch to them, no burn spots at all. My husband cleaned it with no issues at all, very easy. We typically have peppers, onions, broccoli, squash, and asparagus in it and it’s sturdy and well made. If you’re on the fence about trying a grill basket, just do it, they’re worth it!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    My husband and I do a lot of camping and love to eat healthy foods cooked over the camp fire. This means meats and veggies. Unfortunately, we’ve lost a lot of vegetables into the fire because we haven’t had a good way to contain them on the grates. This grilling basket was the perfect solution! We sprayed the pan, dumped in the vegetables, and sprayed again before placing on the grate above the fire. The basket keeps the vegetables contained so that we were able to toss them around for even cooking. We made green beans, asparagus, and squash/zucchini. It is sturdy and durable! After many uses it is still holding up. It is easy to clean, but make sure you clean it shortly after cooking or else it will need an immense amount of scrubbing like any other stainless steel product. I highly recommend for anyone who likes vegetables over a fire, but hates losing them!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    We finally got a chance to use this veggie grilling basket this past weekend and it was great! We used fresh veggies from our garden and seasoned them and put a little butter on them and they were grilled to perfection! My husband previously had one with a long wooden handle but the downfall is that the wooden handle was too long to close the grill or BBQ pit, and if you turned it to the side it would burn the wooden handle. This grill basket is perfect because it is square and has small easy to grab metal handles. The holes are not too large that any vegetables will fall out. Overall we are happy with our purchase!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    This product is very heavy duty! I’ve purchased ones previously locally and they are flimsy. Not this one. I ordered it because our garden is starting to produce and I love grilled veggies. My husband grilled up zucchini using this and it wasn’t great. It didn’t stick and it was easy to clean. I am very excited to use this throughout the rest of the summer and definitely next season.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    So I thought why do I need this, I can just out the vegetables in the grill like always. The vegetable basket was so much easier. I did. It have to cut the vegetables in such large pieces so they didn’t fall through the grate or waste foil to make a basket/pan. The potatoes were fabulous and didn’t touch the grill where meat was cooking (for the vegetarians) but did get the grilled flavor. At eating the basket went into the dishwasher. Super easy clean up so we can visit instead of cleaning.

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