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BBQ Mesh Grill Bags - Set of 2

These BBQ Mesh Grill Bags are a must-have for any true pitmaster who worships the open flame. We’re all in agreeance when we say that fire is the best way to cook food, this is why all need to embrace BBQ Mesh Grill Bags. These handy bags make it possible to cook all kinds of finicky foods on the grill, completely eliminating the need to mesh about in the kitchen (pun intended) when you have guests over.


  • ITEMS YOU AVOIDED TOSSING ON THE GRILL ARE NOW IN PLAY: Everything tastes better when cooked over an open flame, but let’s face it, not all food is as easy to grill as a burger! That’s where these large mesh bags come in handy. They make grilling shrimp, fish, vegetables, potatoes, and loads more, a breeze!
  • SEASONING & FLIPPING YOUR FOOD WILL NEVER BE EASIER: Think about having to individually season and turn multiple strips of peppers and onions or thin slices of steak. No, thank you! With these non-stick Bbq bags for grill, you can season your food when it’s secured in the bag. Flip and turn with a pair of grilling tongs to get those sought-after grill marks.
  • NOTHING WILL SLIP THROUGH GRATES INTO YOUR GRILL’S BLACK HOLE: The grilling bags come equipped with snap-closure buttons to ensure that even the tiniest items don’t slip out and fall between the grates. You and your friends/family get to enjoy every last morsel of that grilled goodness!
  • GUARANTEED TO BE YOUR NEW FAVORITE GRILL ACCESSORY: For many years to come. Unlike foil grill bags, you’ll get a lifetime of use out of these grilling pockets. The flexible Ptfe material is heat-safe up to 600 degrees F and wipes clean with soap and water. You’ll want to use these beauties every time you fire up the grill, and you can!
  • WE HAVE SHARPENED OUR BBQ SKILLS FOR YEARS: Mountain Grillers has been a trusted brand by Pit Masters around the globe for years, whether you are competing in a competition like Memphis in May or cooking at home. All our products are made from the highest quality materials that are safe and easy to use, so you can focus on the mouth-watering flavor and crispy, tasty char that you crave.

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Customer Reviews

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Megan Lauvetz
Great for Veggies

These are awesome and have upped our grilling game!!

Perfect for veggies and great customer service

My first set of the mesh bags were damaged in the delivery process but I contacted Mountain Grillers through their website and had replacements within two days which is fantastic. I cooked some peppers and onions with olive oil and salt and pepper marinade they were cooked to perfection. My next try will be shrimp!!!

Sherri Simpson
Grill bags

Excellent for meat and veggies alike. Easy to clean or stick in dishwasher.

Easy to use

Great for grilling vegs. Wash in dishwasher

Dad loved these!

Perfect gift for hard to buy for dad/granddad who loves to grill veggies. Just drop all the seasoned veggies into the bag and snap it shut. Grill. Pour into bowl and serve. Bag goes into the dishwasher. Voila! Dad loves the bag. We love the veggies.