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BBQ Pit Gloves

BBQ Pit Gloves are just as important to a man approaching his grill as they are to a boxer entering the ring - they’re essential tools of the trade. The fire you’re grilling with needs respecting if you want to keep your fingers safe, after all, it’s the meat you want cooking, not your fingers.



  • READ MY LIPS IT’S TIME TO BBQ: but, don’t forget the most important accessory you will need to pull off that juicy meat from the grill or lifting the basket out of the turkey fryer! Mountain grillers, heat resistant gloves, have a slip resistant rough textured surface; they keep that slippery meat in your hand and not in your dog’s mouth
  • THE QUESTION IS NOT WHETHER WE WILL BARBECUE, BUT HOW WILL WE BARBECUE: a good pair of bbq gloves are an essential part of any pit master’s arsenal. From arranging grill grates or coals to moving food around on the gas or charcoal grill, you want to protect yourself. Mountain grillers high-temperature cooking gloves have the best level of heat resistance, rated at 932 degrees
  • IF GOD DIDN’T WANT US TO EAT MEAT, HE WOULDN’T HAVE MADE IT TASTE SO GOOD: isn’t that the truth! But, he also gave you a brain! Not all heat gloves are made equal and most can be restricting. Mountain grillers meat handling bbq grill gloves provides the dexterity you need to grab the basket or tongs easily and continue to hold them as long as you need too, without burning your hands
  • COME ON BABY LIGHT MY FIRE: having a pair of barbecue gloves that protect you from the heat and keeps you cool is priceless! With a wide range of fabrics and lengths to choose from, how do you know which the best buy is? Mountain Grillers is making this a painless purchase! The comfort level is a high priority. Our grill glove's outer layer is made from a non-stick rubberish textured finish and has a neoprene coated cotton liner that allows your hand to breathe! Stay comfortable at the grill!
  • MAY YOU ALWAYS BE SURROUNDED BY GOOD FRIENDS AND BETTER BBQ: Mountain Grillers has been a trusted brand by pitmasters around the globe for years, whether you are competing in a competition like Memphis in may or cooking at home? All our products are made from the highest quality materials that are safe and easy to use, so you can focus on the mouth-watering flavor and crispy, tasty char that you crave

Customer Reviews

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Protective Dad
Great heat protection, get slippery when greasy

These work much better than other gloves I have used when cooking trays of meat in oven. Can hold pan several minutes without hands getting hot. However, when they get greasy, which they typically do in my use, they are slippery. The grip they have helps, but still need to be careful. Can wipe off pretty well with cloth or paper towel, and of course cleaning in soapy water gets them completely clean again.

Perfect fit

Just what I want to take things off the Traeger. Excellent feel and protection.

Brian Arreguin
Thick and Stiff

I got these gloves because I only had knit cloth heat-resistant gloves before. They were not good for handling juicy meats. They resisted the heat, but the juices would penetrate and burn my hands. These gloves should solve that problem as they are juice-proof. They are a little thick and stiff, and since I have not used them yet, it remains to be seen how easy or difficult they will be when handling juicy, slippery cuts of meat.

Great product!

I gave the gloves to my son as a Christmas gift. It was one of the grilling items he wanted. He loves them and uses them every time he cooks on the grill or smoker.

Best gloves ever

No more burn hands