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Grill Smoker Box for Wood Chips

The Grill Smoker Box For Wood Chips is a must-have for anyone looking to get their neighbors bent out of shape. The sumptuous smoky aroma emitted from this little box will have anyone in your immediate vicinity cursing they weren’t invited to taste the tender smoky delights on your grill. Ah well, maybe next time!



  • GREAT SMOKY FLAVOR FROM ANY GRILL: position our heavy-duty smoker box underneath the grill grates and above the burners and enjoy your gas grills delicious smoky aromas! Ribs, chicken, chops or pork fit for a king!
  • EASILY ACHIEVE MOUTH WATERING MEATS: this smoke box will transform your bbq into that of a seasoned pitmaster to create drool-worthy steaks, chicken, and chops each time. Neighbors will smell them a mile off and you'll be the flavor of the month!
  • EASILY SWITCH WOOD CHIPS TIME AFTER TIME: the hinged lid on this portable smoker box makes it easy to switch your cherry wood chips for your pecan wood chips by simply dumping out the old chips and replacing them with the new ones. Pro grilling made easy!
  • BECOME A MEAT CONNOISSEUR: meat-eaters love a good smoke-flavored piece of meat, and each wood chip can add a different dimension to your bbq, with this wood chip smoking box, you will get the taste you've been looking for and more as you explore the hundreds of smoking options to show off your skills!
  • SAY GOODBYE TO SAUCES AND HELLO TO INCREDIBLE SMOKED FLAVORS: your friends and family will think you're a grilling pro! Mouthwatering and delicious food every time you dish up using this wood chip smoker as you churn out perfect steaks, ribs, and chicken! Smoked to the point where the sauce is no longer needed, just a bigger plate!

Customer Reviews

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Great pick

The media could not be loaded.  It works perfect for us. The delivery was on time and it smokes well. My husband opened it on Christmas Eve and has used it about 3-4 times a week since then (we grill often) It's still holding up great and smoking like it did on day one. He loves it! You can't beat the price.

Mark O
Nice quality

I bought this one and another from seller GFTime that came with a bottle opener and smoking chart magnet, but this Mountain Grillers box is better quality and cheaper.The holes are better positioned at the top and bottom.Looking forward to using it.

chris 1
Sturdy box

Bought as a gift, not used yet.Looks ok, and sturdy. Didn't read description correctly thought came with wood chips

Not bad

This is pretty good and gives the effect you'd want. It's smaller than I thought but it's still good

Iván selim katime orcasita

Perfect for an inexpensive stainless steel smoker box