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Jalapeno Poppers & Chicken Leg Rack

Look at you getting all creative with cream cheese stuffed jalapenos for your guests. You out to impress someone or what? Sliding this roaster rack onto your grill, smoker, oven, whichever is your stage, ought to do it. It’ll keep your peppers and chillies upright, ensuring they cook evenly, and none of that cream cheese slides out. It’s great for cooking chicken legs and drumsticks too.


  • Whip Up A Mountain Of Peppers & Chicken: With this unique bbq rack, you'll be able to cook for a crew; It has 24 1” holes that are the perfect size for mouthwatering foods like bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers, chicken drumsticks and legs, and loads more
  • Always Even Cooking & Never Any Spillage: Ever bit into a charred pepper? Talk about bitter, yikes; This grilling rack keeps the peppers and chilis upright, so air can circulate and evenly cook them; Oh yea, and that delicious cream cheese filling won’t spill out and go to waste
  • Made Of Strong Steel That's Easy To Clean: The jalapeno grill rack and serrated jalapeno corer tool are both made from heavy duty stainless steel that will not bend, break, or warp; When the meal is over, you can toss everything into the dishwasher for a quick clean
  • Our Roasting Rack Slides In Everywhere: Our rack measures 15.75 x 8.5 x 3 inches and is designed to fit in most grills, smokers, and ovens; It also has foldable legs, so when you’re done using the roaster rack, you can stow it away without taking up a lot of storage space
  • We've Sharpened Our BBQ Skills For Years: Mountain Grillers has been a trusted brand of grillers around the globe for years; All our products are made from the highest quality materials and make an excellent gift idea; Let us help you create mouth-watering grilled food using our innovative, easy to use products

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Gwynn D Keisler
Excellent product

It was a lot heavier then I thought it would be

A good product.

I really like the corer which makes the stuffing of peppers possible with ease. I suppose a paring knife could do the job but included this tool makes the job easier . The rack is strong but holds only the stout peppers . Must be selective when purchasing the selected peppers when shopping..

Marcy Kelly
Great Value

Sturdy, nicely made unit. One potential issue is the size of the holes, you'll have to have a source for larger jalapenos.

Michael H.
Works well

We grill a lot and me being off-meat, I need to grill lots of veggies. This pepper holder helps grill 24 peppers and can be placed on any charcoal or gas grill. I made stuffed peppers and was able to grill them easily because they were upright in this stand so filling did not flow out.This holder is made of stainless steel so its easy to hand clean or pop in dishwasher. This comes with a core tool which helps remove seeds and core from peppers easily. It must be kept in mind that peppers come in all shapes and sizes so its possible that all peppers would not fit in holes neatly. Some of my stuffed peppers were big and broad so they did not fit in holes and were sticking out and some were very small and went almost through the holes. But all in all this helped keep peppers straight and is very useful for grilling stuffed peppers and jalapeños.

Debra S. Mihalco
Great for a unique snack on the grill

This contraption makes grilling stuffed jalapenos easy. You get the grilled flavor without losing any of the creamy goodness. It is easy to throw in the dishwasher and is sturdily built. It isn't cheap for an item you only use every now and then. But if you want something unique to share with guests at a barbecue, this is a cool option.