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Veggie Grill Basket - 12 Inch

The Veggie Grill Basket is a must have, because deep down, you’re a people pleaser. Big patties are your staple, but as a man of the grill your duty is to cater for all tastes, including those who are a little ‘meat-shy’. That’s why you need a veggie grill basket to hand. The thin slits of The Veggie Grill Basket makes cooking veggies and fish along with your diced meat and wings easy. The basket will prevent food slips in the coals, stopping any of your tasty creations from becoming cremations.



  • TIRED OF LOSING SMALLER FOOD IN YOUR BBQ? - small foods such as shrimp, diced meat, veggies and chicken wings have nowhere to run! This grilling basket is designed with thin slits - rather than larger holes - so only the smoke & heat come in, and nothing is lost to the grill.
  • EVEN COOK EVERY TIME WITH MINIMAL EFFORT - impress your friends by using the vegetable grill basket to get that smokey goodness into your sides. Why not use a wok pan to stir fry chopped chicken, beef, pork, and shrimp. Nothing beats great smoky bbq flavor and it's as simple as turning once turning twice!
  • MORE TIME TO MULTITASK, SOCIALIZE AND COOK - say goodbye to sticky grills as well as endless running from your backyard to the kitchen. No more wasted vegetables, no more burnt meat, and no more tears as your precious buffalo wings and scallops get cremated on the fire beneath! Own your yard, be the envy of all who visit, trust that your Mountain Grillers grill basket will not let you down!
  • HIGH-QUALITY DESIGN FOR PRECISION GRILLING - transporting food from grill to prep table has never been easier with our built-in curved handles. Constructed from a high-quality 430-grade stainless steel that retains heat, so your sides will stay hot right up until serving. Easily washable as well so you can get back to the party quickly!
  • EASY CLEAN UP & DISHWASHER SAFE - simply toss the veggie grill pan in the dishwasher when you are done or quickly clean by hand with mild soap & water, nice & easy! Quick tip to stop any potential stickiness to the basket, give your grill pan a drizzle of oil before you cook, it will make a world of difference to the flavor and your product maintenance!


Customer Reviews

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Really good product - easy to use

Really liked the simplicity of this product. I used it in one grilling with Veggies, Shrimp and even finished off some Octopus in the tray. So much fun... did not lose any pieces. The flare ups from the marinade were no issue either. I would highly recommend this product and as the pictures show - this fit super well within our Weber Summit 670. Even closed the lid and let it get hot. Great product, especially for the costing.

Use cooking spray

Great product

Tobi in NC
As advertised.

Great product. Works as advertised.

Mountain Grillers Veggie Grill Basket.

The product looks high quality. Definitely recommended this product, Fast delivery and excellent customer service.

Suits my needs

Exactly what I wanted