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Meat Mallet Tool For Kitchen & BBQ

The Meat Mallet Tool...just because the world isn't flat doesn’t mean your burgers should be too if you’re looking to achieve smoky perfection. A flat patty is essential for an even sear, so the next time you’re prepping your feast, reach into your BBQ toolbox and beat your meat into shape. Reduce chewiness and up deliciousness with every thwack.



  • MOUTHWATERING TENDER MEAT EVERY TIME- it's verging on criminal when you're presented with a gorgeous looking piece of meat - only to find its chewy! Our perfect sized, sturdy meat hammer gives you the pounding power you need so you’ll never have this problem again.
  • KEEP YOUR CHEF HAPPY NOT HANGRY! - reduce cooking time and cook food more evenly by flattening meats such as chicken breasts and veal. This kitchen tool works great for preparing stuffed meats such as chicken kiev, chicken cordon bleu - even chicken parmesan, weiner schnitzel or steaks cook better flattened with our kitchen mallet.
  • TASTE YOUR MARINADE IN EVERY BITE- marinade is not supposed to be a sauce! By using the pokey side of the meat hammer, the flavor penetrates all of the meat, not just the edges!
  • GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR MEAT- turn even cheap cuts into quality meat. Using a cooking hammer is a cost-efficient way of achieving tasty, tender meat that can be enjoyed by your buddies at your next backyard bbq
  • EASY CLEANUP & DISHWASHER SAFE - our easy to use, meat pounder is made from heavy-duty stainless steel with a nonslip grip, guaranteed not to rust. Simply toss it in the dishwasher when you are done, nice & easy!