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BBQ Grilling Kabob Skewers - Set of 10

The BBQ Grilling Kabob Skewers were designed for the proper pit masters among you who know the importance of grilling all types of food… fish, veggies, cheese, the lot. Juicy burgers, steaks and, ribs may be a staple of the grill, but your role as pitmaster is to cater to everyone’s tastes. And that’s the beauty of these sturdy stainless steel skewers, they allow you to showcase your grilling versatility and serve as a reminder to friends that your grilling skills are unrivalled.



  • GRILL MASTERS, UP YOUR GAME WITH A MEAT AND VEGGIE ARSENAL: so your wife is nagging you to cook healthier. Your doctor says eat more veggies! But you hate vegetables. Well, I am here to tell you grilling a good piece of seasoned meat with onions, peppers and squash are actually not that bad! It’s pretty tasty!
  • FIRE UP THE GRILL IT’S SIZZLING TIME: grilling like a boss means having the right tools. Using mountain grillers shish kabob skewers is a good starting point. Have you read the reviews on those natural bamboo skewers? You can get splinters in your food; they break easily and can roll right off your grill. So don’t waste your steak, buy our sturdy 17” stainless steel kebab skewers - they have a wider, flat design to accommodate larger cuts of meats and vegetables
  • HAPPINESS IS BBQ, FRIENDS, AND BACKYARD: enjoy your backyard barbeque while hanging with your family and friends, grab a cold beer and watch the game - no need to fret over your kebab skewers, after you lined them up on your charcoal or gas grill, they will lie flat until you come back and flip them over. So close the lid and let your heat and smoke intensify the flavor – in a few minutes you will have food so great; it will make you sop your plate
  • DONT LOSE YOUR ARM HAIR WITH OUR EXTRA LONG STEELS OF FIRE: made from the finest materials, providing maximum durability, will not bend in the middle like others we tested. The heat-resistant handle is easy to grasp unlike the ring handles, and the long length provides a safe distance from the blaze and keeps your hair on your arm! The wide flat surface provides enough room for a good serving size; the stainless steel makes for an easy cleanup
  • WE HAVE SHARPENED OUR BBQ SKILLS FOR YEARS: Mountain Grillers have been a trusted brand by pit masters around the globe for years, whether you are competing in a competition like Memphis in May or cooking at home. All our products are made from the highest quality materials that are safe and easy to use, so you can focus on the mouth-watering flavor and crispy, tasty char that you crave