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Burger Press Patty Maker

The Burger Press Patty Maker, because man is inherently lazy and we need machines to shape burgers patties for us. An invention that’s arguably done as much for the burger as the bun, this fast and endlessly helpful patty maker shapes burgers to perfection, leaving you more time to grill and chill.


  • THE BEST THING FOR BURGERS SINCE THE BUN - don’t put up with messy, unshapely hand made patties any longer! Impress your friends with big, fat, juicy hamburgers with consistent thickness and shape that cook evenly and won’t fall apart on the grill - every time!

  • FAST & EASY WAY TO PUT TOPPINGS INSIDE YOUR BURGER- stuff burgers with whatever toppings you love - caramelized onions, mushrooms, bacon, sun-dried tomatoes, along with any kind of cheese … the possibilities are endless. Just add your ingredients and press. The non stick bottom of the mold pops out so you can remove your perfectly round, bun size burgers with ease and without mess.

  • SIZE DOES MATTER! - YOU CHOOSE! Go large 1/2 pounders or quarter pounder, or go gourmet - and stuff! From spicy jalapeño to oozing with cheese, stuffed burgers bring your backyard bbq to a whole new level. Crank up the grill and grab a cold beer. Your burgers and your buddies will thank you for it!

  • QUICK & EASY CLEANUP- don’t waste time cleaning up - our stuffed burger presses come apart quickly for easy cleaning. Simply toss in the dishwasher when you’re done, and get back to the barbecue party.

  • BONUS - have 40 wax patty papers on us: these wax papers prevent your freshly made burgers from sticking to each other and makes your frozen ones easy to separate

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Customer Reviews

Based on 219 reviews
Mike Nelson
Easy perfect burgers!!

Works well!! Easy to use, easy to clean!!

Wendy J.
Great to Make Burgers

Loved this, easy to use and makes great burgers.

Brett Licciardello
Nice Burger Press

Easy to use

Handy, solid

Came speedily, was as described. Good, solid, fairly easy to use (unless you have wrist trouble for pressing down). Comes with waxed paper circles. Meat easily releases from press. Only reason that it didn't get 5* was because it doesn't have markers for making different sizes of burgers, but that is a minor issue. I've put it through the dishwasher just fine, cleans easily. Also comes in handy cloth bag so parts stay together.

John W. Conrad
Item as advertised.

Easy to clean because all parts separate.